Our institution

Nanomol Technologies, S.L. is a science and innovation driven SME offering novel formulation solutions using the green and proprietary DELOS nanoformulation technology, allowing the development of robust nanomedicines and tailored drug delivery systems up to the clinical stage.  

Nanomol Technologies is also a specialized contract particle analysis partner for the pharma and biotech industry, being one of the few cGMP laboratories specialized in particle analysis in the world. Nanomol Technologies provides value to companies by delivering expert characterization of critical quality attributes such as particle size, morphology and structural properties, of drug substances, raw materials and drug products.

Our role in NABIHEAL

Nanomol Technologies has a leading role in the scale-up and CMC tasks of the new antimicrobial ingredients, in which our DELOS nanoformulation platform will be used to manufacture new multifunctional ingredients for advanced tissue engineering products.  We will also contribute with our expertise in HPLC analytical development of nanostructured materials considering future compliance with required quality such as GMPs.  We also co-lead WP7: Business Development and Exploitation, together with Histocell SL, ensuring the right activities to get the best exploitation of the results coming out of the project.

Our team for NABIHEAL

Alba Córdoba

WP7 Lead of Business Development & Exploitation

Santi Sala Vergés

Expert in valorisation of research results; WP7 Task Contributor in Business Development & Exploitation activities

Lidia Ferrer

Expert in nanostructured materials; Technical & Scientific contributor to WP1, WP2 and WP4

Josep Merlo

WP4 Task lead - Scale up and CMC of intermediate nanostructured products

Arnau Güell

WP2 Task contributor - HPLC analytical development