Our institution

Founded in 1912, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is Israel’s first university and its largest centre of applied research. Technion is ranked among the leading technological universities worldwide.  A major source of the innovation and brainpower that drives the Israeli economy, Technion is the engine behind Israel’s renown as the iconic “Startup Nation”. Technion people, ideas, and inventions have made, and continue to make tremendous scientific contributions in fields such as medicine, sustainable energy, computer science, water conservation, and nanotechnology. It is one of a handful of technological institutes worldwide with a medical school, facilitating the rapid development of advanced therapies and devices, from the laboratory to the patient’s bedside. The Technion Research and Development Foundation (TRDF) manages university research programs and performs testing and research services for industry and government. T3, the technology transfer arm of TRDF, takes the university’s game-breaking scientific ideas and matches them with investors and entrepreneurs, licensing intellectual property and supporting the establishment of startup companies.

Our role in NABIHEAL

Within the project, IT‘s Faculty of Biotechnology & Food Engineering Department leads the task of Physicochemical characterization with the team of the University of Maribor, to monitor the development of and characterize the multifunctional biomaterials. A profound physicochemical characterization, following different protocols developed for this purpose, will be carried out using cryo-TEM.

Our team for NABIHEAL

Dganit Danino

WP2 Group Leader

Inbal Abutbul-Ionita

WP2 Lab manager