Our institution

The BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN) is a non-profit research organization owned by the BioNanoNet Association that counts nearly 70 member organizations belonging to various fields such as Health & Safety, Data & Sustainability and Enabling Technologies. BNN’s mission is to support and guide its members and customers towards a sustainable development of connected technologies with the vision to shape the European high-tech ecosystem to secure a sustainable and prosperous society. By integrating safety, quality and sustainability aspects already in the design phase of a new technology, we support innovative breakthroughs in all sectors. The design process enables us to reach out to the ideal option and find the best solution for each specific use case.

Our role in NABIHEAL

Within the project, BNN leads the task to elaborate NABIHEAL’s Safety-and-Sustainability-by-Design (SSbD) concept and guidelines for all (nano)materials and processes of the different technologies developed within the project. Furthermore, BNN serves as Work Package Lead for WP8: Dissemination, Communication & Stakeholder Involvement, which entails creation of the project branding, website, printed materials, and maintaining the social media accounts. In addition, BNN guides partners in disseminating and exploiting project results.

Our team for NABIHEAL

Johanna Scheper

WP4 Task lead in SSbD

Caitlin Ahern

WP8 Lead Dissemination, Communication & Stakeholder involvement

Barbara Ebner

Graphic Design & Website

Julia Voglhuber-Höller