Our institution

Aarhus University’s Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), founded in 2002, promotes synergistic interactions that cross traditional scientific boundaries between research groups with competences in physics, chemistry, molecular biology, biology, and medicine. The iNANOschool is a graduate school of international stature at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The school has about 100 PhD students enrolled, and it provides interdisciplinary training in nanoscience and nanotechnology at the highest level. The center has about 52 Professors/Associated Professors (2020) and 89 Postdoctoral Research Fellows/Assistant Professors (2020). iNANO possesses and hosts some of the strongest infrastructure platforms in the Northern European countries, including fully operational clean room facilities, 950 MHz NMR (Scandinavian’s strongest), SAXS, Titan Krios TEM, STM, AFM, MS, MD, Cryo-EM, FRET, MRI, XRD, Synchrotron CD (unique in Scandinavia). This provides optimal conditions for carrying out excellent and world-class research.

Our role in NABIHEAL

The role of the partner at Aarhus University is to perform structural investigation using Small-angle X-ray (SAXS) on the nanometer to micrometer length scale. A powerful in-house SAXS instrument is available at AU, and it will be the primary instrument for the SAXS measurements. Due to the easy and extensive accessibility, it will be used as a screening technique for analysing a large number of samples. The instrument is equipped with a powerful Excillum liquid metal jet source and an in-house developed automated sample changer, and thus, it is very well suited for this. Note that SAXS is complementary to the microscopic techniques as it provides ensemble averages of the structure of macroscopic-sized samples.

Our team for NABIHEAL

Jan Skov Pedersen

Principal investigator