Biomaterials and brews at Pint of Science

NABIHEAL was highlighted this year at Pint of Science, where captivating talks by scientists are brought to the public.

For the second year in a row partner BNN organized the TechMeOut Session in Graz, Austria. The sold-out event on Tuesday, 14 May in Bar8020 proved to be both enlightning and a lot of fun.

Pint of Science is a global initiative for science-to-public events taking place in mutliple cities, all over the world at the same time. In the cozy environment of bars and coffee shops, scientists unpack their research, presenting it in an accessible way with sometimes hilarious twists.

Under the moderation of Julia Voglhuber-Höller from BNN, the session “Small but mighty: How we can change the world with nanotechnology” lined up Matiss Reinfelds from BNN, Carolin Tetyczka from RCPE and Sebastian Schwaminger from MUG as speakers. Kicking off the evening with a historical retrospect, Matiss Reinfelds entertained the audience with his talk, “GreenGuardians: How a concept can promote safety and sustainability innovation.” Through compelling examples of misconduct in the area of chemical safety, such as the Radium girls and “forever chemicals”, he underscored the role that Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design should have in the development of new chemicals.

Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design is an approached used in NABIHEAL to ensure that materials and products are developed that consider impact on humans and the environment from the very beginning.

Participants were able to look at biomaterials supplied by our NABIHEAL partner University of Maribor.

The second talk was given by BioNanoNet Association Member Carolin Tetyczka, who delved into the realm of nanomedicine with her talk “The Tiny Ones: Smaller Particles Need Bigger Ideas”.

Following a break to refill our pints, Sebastian Schwaminger took the stage for our last talk on “Sci-Fi in the Clinic and on the Plate: Nanotechnology Meets Medicine and Food Technology”.

The absolute highlight of the evening was the pub quiz where all participants could battle each other on their newly acquired nano-related knowledge!